[790R] - JUN/Bomex B500 FWD DC2 Integra Type R

Back on Forza 4 now after a brief disappointing brush with FM5 & wanted a few new colours for some of my old lobby cars.
I had this DC2 with a Bomex kit on for a while but never got around to painting it after i got the new console so i put some JUN colours on it & had a fiddle with the tune to make it another good lobby car for whenever the Ring comes around in the B class hoppers.
Can be used for most medium to long tracks but like i said i do love this car around the Nurburgring, a good all rounder…

Paint & tune both on my storefront but of the tune isn’t for you its best to use the full Bomex kit otherwise the livery will be messed up.


Looking sweet Mr D dammmn this forum is dead…

Wow That Is Awesome Ill Pick One Up Asap.

Thanks lads & yeah you’re right Mario, the community as a whole has been divided due to the ridiculous decision to split the console release into regions so now we have a half empty Forza 5 section that is also dying a slow death even after this short amount of time, & the remnants of this old game which imo is still a better experience but it seems most have given up on which is sad to see.
A monumental balls up when all said & done, appreciate T10 were under orders to make Forza 5 a launch title but its clearly not finished & should’ve been a 2014 release not 2013. 4 could’ve kept us going easily for another 12 months, plenty of life left in it yet, full lobbies whenever i go online prove its far from a spent force as is the amount of credits i receive from sales on my storefront each day i log on, good to see players still interested in your stuff despite how old most of it is.
I’ll still be doing the odd tune & paint going forward, missed my Honda’s (& tracks like the 'ring & Tsukuba) & i really want to do something new on each one i have for B class so i’ll try to come up with something fresh paintwise each month.

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Hi buddy!

WOW this ITR is awesome! Really love her, i love your style and sponsors. And you know… me too love Honda :wink: I’ll pick up for sure design and tune.

BTW…hope FM6 will have the spirit of 4…with sharing, clubs, multy…and japan Tracks! I would also have in Forza Sugo and Okayama. More GT500 & 300 cars and also special versions like Mugen, Nismo etc etc…

In FM5 me and FIT will release at least 2 Jap cars in a near future, we are working.

ciao my friend.

Thanks punny & hear hear on FM6. I’ll just give 5 a miss altogether now i’ve tried it & wait until 6 arrives before i decide wether to get another console or not. If all the community features are still missing & the mistakes & bugs are still lingering i’m afraid 5 will be my last venture into “next gen” versions of Forza, thing just annoyed me & sucked all the fun out of the franchise.
Just recently got a new PC which i’m building for sim racing so i’ll be using that for the majority of the time but i still love painting on 4 & will continue to do liveries until i get bored but there’s still life left in the old dog yet.

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I’m a complete Newb so can someone please tell me how to download this tune and livery?
I have gone to the store front and searched Duff Man D, DuffManD, etc but can’t find anything.
Please help?