69 Camaro SS Tuning help?

I am only posting in the FH3 section because the Fh2 tuners garage is very inactive.
I currently have the 1969 Camaro SS (RWD) as being my primary car. Earlier today I decided to try and make it a beast. I went to my garage and upgraded it to the 6.2L v8 then upgraded all engine parts to Race, platform and handling to all Race except for the suspension which is rally and no rally cage (Should I actually install one), as for drivetrain everything is race (Is Race or Rally tranny better?)

Current stats on the car are S1 @ 890 (I’m thinking the N/A would be better a option here bc I figure a S2 camaro would get owned pretty bad…can someone actually explain all of that to me?)

My previous setup was exactly the same except instead of being a N/A 6.2 it was a TT 6.2. Now the 6.2 absolutely burned through 1st gear no matter how I played with the throttle unless I just babied it to about 60-70 mph. My N/A version spins some but nowhere near as bad. It usually stops spinning at about 58 if I just floor it, or about 45-50 if I feather the throttle.

Is there anything else that I can do to reduce the wheel spin any more? I have already set the diff lock to 50% accel.

Any help would be appreciated.

You want grip? Lower tire pressures, softer back springs, suspension type is your choice but I go race. I know xbox 360 and xbox one’s Horizon2 are different as in being able to tune the car like the rest of Forzas… if you can toe in on the rear can help a bit. I’d go .5 at a time until you see a difference. Also, change the controller layout to 12, have the clutch be a trigger and you can half activate it.