65 mini. Serious problem

There is a serious problem with the 65 mini Cooper. Don’t know if it’s just me or anybody else. If you upgrade it to all wheel drive and raise your differential to 100% it is unbeatable. I moved one up to b class, my speed says 5.1, but it goes 170 miles an hour. This is not right it needs fixed now. All times posted with the mini Cooper should be taken off and all car should be returned. It can be dominant in four classes. I also cannot post a time with it. All four classes, and any track I take it to the time does not post.
I didn’t like this car in Forza five because it was too dominant. But this is just ridiculous. I am selling all of mine until this is fixed

It’s been noted. They’ve been working on it for several days already I believe.

Yeah, it’s well known. It’s actually banned from hoppers and rivals until T10 can rebalance the car’s PI numbers.

It’s apparently a lot better know than the search feature on these forums.


Fiat is the same

The search feature causes cooties.

And the Bubonic Plague.

Mostly cooties though.

Has you were…

I’ve never found what i was looking for using the search here. I don’t know how it can be so broken. lol
I’m usually searching for more specific things, but still.
In fact right now typing in the search box and then clicking on the magnifying glass does absolutely nothing. How’s that for impressive? lol