6 Car Pack - 49.99 Purchased - How do I access it?


HELP. I spent 49.99 (ugghh, why?) a week ago on the 6 car-pack. well anyway, nothing worst than spending all that money and I still have not figured out how to access the damn car packs.

I have no messages in game, and I have nothing to xbox live email account.

How do i get this resolved?


Go to Store on the dashboard and to the Forza 5 addons. Download the La Ferrari Car Pack and the IGN car pack.

Each month you need to choose to download the monthly car pack they should be listed as free given you have the car pass.

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You can see an overview of what’s included in the Car Pass here:

The included car packs are released monthly and only the LaFerrari Car Pack and January IGN Car Pack are available now (February Car Pack will be released on Tuesday).

Go to the console dashboard Store, Games, and Add-Ons for FM5, select one of the packs, and select Install. If the cars in the pack appear in the Buy Cars and Rent cars list, then the pack has been installed correctly - you only get one car from each of the packs gifted to your Message Center for download to your garage, the rest you have to buy with credits or tokens.


Probably one for the wishlist thread, but it would be nice if the XB1 would automatically download free add-on DLC, like the car packs, which are free as a result of my purchasing the Car Pass. That way it’s ready to go when I sign on, and boot up the game.


Turn10 won’t be able to help with a console matter, I assume.
On the Xbox 360, Season Passes were a seperate piece of DLC which the game would recognize and allow you to “buy” the included content for free through the ingame store (you still need to associate the Car Packs themselves with your account) while the Xbox Marketplace itself would charge you again.
I’m not sure if it works the same way on Xbox One though but it probably does.

It seems with this latest update packs are automatically downloaded. Im thinking this as I tried to download from dashboard but although I own season pass It was trying to charge me. However the latest update has just finished and I have DLC downloading now with out having to ok it.

I bought the turn 10 IGN car pack and never got the 1961 birdcage I called xbox live and thay escalated it up to sumone from turn 10 or sumthing and sed I will be herring from them in the next 3 day’s … That was the JAN-8’th and nothing I’ve called 4 time’s after that and got the same ancer thay will contact me with in the next 3 day’s …NOT a word … I’ve tryed posting on the forza 5 forum I git a message saying the post has to be screened befor it can be seen in the forum… NEVER POSTED FOR FORUM TO SEE… Almost a mouth now and nothing from anyone … Ya got any idea’s.? I’ve spent well over $100. On game and upgrade’s and I would like for sum of them to work I bought tokens and thay disappear after 1 or 2 day’s before I evan git to use them if I don’t use them befor I shut the game down or start a new race thay are gone. Could use sum help from sumone…???

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I would not have bought the DLC Ferrari pack if I had of known that the DLC wouldn’t be installed into my garage. This is the first Xbox I have owned and actually used so I had no idea the DLC was more or less a scam imo. I can guarantee that is the last money I spend on this game. I have seen a lot of complaints on the net regarding this. I don’t have all day to earn credits, even with the Drivatar or wth it’s called. Pathetic.

The description for the LaFerrari car pack reads, “In-game credits or tokens required to add these cars to your Career garage.”…

It is a game about racing, upgrading, tuning and BUYING cars.


Ya, it’s pretty pathetic that you have to complain about something you would’ve known if you’d done any research

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It’s a scam because you have to use the ingame system of BUYING stuff in order to get to it’s content?
Or wait… When you installed the actual game, it didn’t gift you all the cars and you had to buy them as well, so I guess the game is scam too, right?

You paid for FM5, yet you still hadn’t a single car when you started a career. Why DLC cars should be any different?

How do you think I feel- I bought an XboxOne after seeing all these commercials showing these games you could play. I got it home set it up and not one game was installed on my machine. So I called MS gave them a piece of my mind and asked why I have to buy games to play games on a game?

I should have researched this before I spent money on it. Now I just sit in front of my TV making car noises.


Nevermind. I know better.

Well I did y research befor I bought mine and you can look to the ING car pack … Whin ya buy the full IGN car pack the 1961 MOS- 61 birdcage is gifted str8 to your in game garage all other cars will require in-game credits or tokens to perches for your in-game garage … I have tried every thing and got no help and like a faithfull dog I stay with the game but I’m not happy with it and will not be spending any more money on the game or this company till sum-thing is dun … As gamers We don’t ask much just what we pay for and are promised …

Well ya, you have an actual problem there. I was referring to the guy who posted after you.

GOD I love being a dumb azz after me saying I was dun buying car pack’s till thay fixed the free car problem my dumb azz just bought the smokin tire car pack… Surprise NO DAMN CAR…Y CANT THAY FIX THIS…!!!

GOD I love being a dumb azz after me saying I was dun buying car pack’s till thay fixed the free car problem my dumb azz just bought the smokin tire car pack… Surprise NO DAMN CAR…Y CANT THAY FIX THIS…!!!

Paid please do not so something must not be heard unterstützen.Dlc away

All of the people who are complaining about buying cars with actual tokens, Turn 10 gifts you Credits every month based on your driver level, I’ve gotten like 1.5m credits already and this is my first Forza game. Oh and btw maybe all of you Tier 1 complainers should play the game instead of complaining so much, maybe then you’d be able to buy the cars & play the game. That was my two cents, I love Forza & the fun stuff I can do with all of my cars, from cambering to restyling to drag races, great job Turn 10.

P.S. please add 3 more negative camber degrees please, I want my miata to be CAMBERED not slightly sideways.