6/7 Showcases but there are only 5?

Did the opening race that we can’t replay count as a Showcase? And even if that’s the case, there’s still one unaccounted for for me.

Train, jet, hovercraft, bikes, pilican n maybe 2 from the expansions

Seasonal ones ???

Possibly. That still wouldn’t explain how I have 6/7 completed when there seems to be only 5. Which is why I wondered whether the intro race counted as a Showcase. Then there’s the disparity in the stats where it says I’ve won 4/5 Showcases. So only 5/7 are winnable? And I’ve no way to readily tell which one I didn’t win.

I have the same problem as your bolded text. Is there a way to check which of the 5 you haven’t won? All my Showcase map icons are gold; shown as completed.

There were two seasonal Showcase Remixes last Series. Don’t know if that’s it, but it makes sense.

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i have 6/5 -___-