575m Tune No Aero Version

Code: 359 572 266
Any feedback would help me become better at tuning so please comment what you fought of this tune

I tried this tune out as well. The gearing has improved and now you just have the minor adjustments to do. Something that must be changed is the springs and dampers because you no longer have aero the suspension is not being compressed as much anymore. The car is stiff and needs to be loosened a bit but keep the same balance, maybe 1-2% more to the front because the loss of the wing.
I look forward to seeing how the suspension will come out. You may have to re-balance your diff. Good work overall, good lap times!

Cathedral Circuit
No Aero: 55.880 +0.59
Aero: 55.290

Gran Pantano
No Aero: 2:20.864 +0.412
Aero: 2:20.452

ok thanks i will try to soften the springs and dampers and re balance the diff. thanks for testing them too