550 Garage Limit

I’m trying to collect all the cars in the game and I’ve run up against a wall.

I still have cars I don’t own that are available at the Auto Show, but no room in my garage.

I have no duplicates, I just want one of each.

I have credits, wheelspins, super wheelspins and Forza points I can’t use due to the garage limit. I see no point in continuing racing or Forzathon Live events since there’s nothing to be gained at this point.

Will this ever change or should I just hang it up?

Again? Why do not you use the search option? There’s a anmount of threads about this.

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Tried that. Search option errors out.

Found a link via reddit to this: https://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postsm1007311_Garage-Paintjob-Tune-Cap--550-vehicles--300-paintjobs-tunes.aspx#post_1007311

Looks like they were working on it about a month ago.

I’ve the same issue… Hope!

I need to clear out some duplicates.

This isn’t good and clearly some sort of oversight by the developers. I would suggest sending email to forzafb@microsoft.com to request they look into this and address. From this car list I am seeing there are at least 578 cars and if the garage is limited to 550 that just makes no sense. (Cars | Forza Wiki | Fandom)

I’m at 325 unique cars at the moment and really dont want to hit this same wall in game play, as like you will raise question why play further if you cant utilize what you are gaining from more game play.

I hit the 550 car limit a while ago and the other down side to having a stupid full garage is the game will NOT allow you to use wheelspins when your garage is full or in the case of super wheelspins if you own 548 cars you cannot use them either. At present I have at last check over 250 wheelspins in the bank and just cannot use them in any sort of frequency as I keep hitting garage full every couple of spins or so then I have to go into my garage find the duplicate cars and remove them again or as is the case now decide which cars to get rid of all together to make room for the new ones like when the mitsy pack went online. It is super frustrating. Also only 300 car skins allowed yet you can own 550 cars, who the hell thought that was a good idea at microsoft LOL. I am also at the limit of car setups also and cannot make any more of them for a load of cars and it is not like I have done multiple setups for each car but the odd one or two I have done so. Very short sighted of microsoft especially now I know there are by the looks of it over 570 different cars ingame yet you cannot own them all. Stupid stupid and stupid comes to mind.