535 cars but 538 promo Photos?

Hi everybody! Hope you have fun with FH5! Sure there are some buggs and glitches but hopefully they will fix it soon.
I just recognized that there are a total of 535 cars actually but we have to take promo photos of 538. I could not find anything in the Internet or forums. So maybe there is an info that I miss? Or are some cars existing that wie can get with a spezial offer like the FE Edition car for buying the horizon Controller?
Hope you know more than me.
Thx AJ

Traffic Subaru Legacy, traffic VW Beetle taxi , and the traffic VW Bora ----- Maybe?

Nope because I’ve taken numerous pics of those traffic cars and they aren’t registering, at least in the promo menu.

i have been at 535 photographed too and wondered why its 538

and i do not believe it is the traffic cars

if you look at the cars in promo mode and filter to not owned there are 3 cars that have a download icon on them
so, i look for those 3 to be released soon and are part of the 538 needed
and 2 of the 3 with the download icon are being released soon when looking at the car pass