50 Car Masteries?

Umm…Playground…you do know that you made EVERY car have at least 1 item that takes 25 Skillpoints. So…getting 50 masteries is gonna take a while. Why do you and MS hate completionists?

Edit: Also, 1000 Gamerscore is needed? Welp, not getting that until December because…For some reason, who REALLY knows why, Playground and Turn10 assume like 90% of the people who play their game are driving gods and and thus set the achievements to God Level. Which is why I feel the majority of gamers stopped caring about achievements/trophies.

“WOO! Rewards for progress!”

“I want you to get that one rock that sits on top of that tower over there. Which sounds easy, but, to get to that tour you need to play from 100 hours, then find a rare key that unlocks a special vendor and you need the exact notes in the correct order or they kill you and you have to restart the game, but if you get everything correct, they let you buy a horse who knows the way to the tower but has forgotten…”

“Why do you hate us?”

“Because you’re all whine little sods.”

“But do we really need the .01% achievements? I mean, the only reason why you’d put those in there is to reward…well, the .01% which means the majority of players will never complete the game and essentially you’re punishing completionists.”

“Oh, that’s nothing. I want you also to be top of the leaderboard for a week.”

“But…isn’t that just luck or favoritism?”

“Oh and have your tune and paint downloaded 100 times?”

“Why are you making it worse? How many people are going to get both? Especially on a game that doesn’t sell well?”

“Now, I want you to get your picture on the leaderboard for a week, do 100 jumping jacks, jump through 600 loops, jump the Grand Canyon in a bone stock Reliant Robin and get a tune and livery downloaded 50 times.”

“Okay, what’s the point of having achievements if your just going to make completing them all impossible? That seems counter productive.”


For this achievement, you don’t need to master 50 different cars. It’s only talking about applying 50 different perks in total.

Here’s a guide: Master of Many achievement in Forza Horizon 4


He is talking about the Forza Rewards, which requires 50 Car Masteries.

Yes it’s long, but so are many things.

Maybe Forza Rewards is meant to take you 1-2 years to get?

Why the rush to get so quickly?


Getting 1000 gamerscore will become really easy once the first expansion is released.


Tell that to FM7! :slight_smile:


THIS. Horizon is always easy to get Forza Rewards because of Expansions. (for the achievements piece)

That Start in 24th and come in 1st is my only missing achievement with F7, and I wont be making any further attempts to get it :).

I kept hoping FM7 would add a DLC but T10 never delivered.

It annoys me being stuck at 2993 out of 3000 but that achievement is unrealistic. Its 90% (+) luck. You have to get into a full server, good luck. Then you have to start in last, random. good luck again. THEN you have to not get wiped out and manage to pass all 23 other drivers… Yeah okay. Maybe if its an endurance race and you manage to get past all the crashes.

I am not normally the “completionist” type, but for some reason I am when it comes to Forza Rewards :-D. The only other piece I dont have is the FM2 Auction House stuff since it was offline when Forza Rewards started (kind of silly…)

I managed to get it via a Trueachievements boosting session, but even then it was an utter nightmare as almost every time someone would either get disconnected as it loaded or not pay attention and it at the start line. The first time I tried it I was there for about 4 hours before it was my turn, we finally got a full grid - only for someone else to fly off and win the race. In my entire XBL life, that was the only time I’ve properly lost my temper and sent an abusive message.

For some reason I never got 100% on the Fast & Furious despite finding everything. Ah well.

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agree with above. this game is supposed to have a 2 year shelf life; take your time and enjoy the game.


Like Forza Motorsport 7’s “Start Last and Finish 1st in a 24-Player Online Race” Achievement is even worse than anything there! Or even the “Win with no Assists”. Both require you to basically get the community to help you.

Only 0.04% have done that and I have waited a year for T10 to bring DLC to that game to bolster the Achievement Score.

But you know what? Forza 8 will no doubt come out October next year and I am going to use my renewed love of racing games to get Forza 7 done in that time.

I mean, Forza Motorsport 2’s Auction House Achievement is the only thing besides 7 and H4 that I don’t have for Forza Rewards and I’m still salty on that being literally impossible now.


Whoever invented this achievement should be beaten with a dead cat until the cat meows.

I’ve played Forza Motorsports 2, and everything Forza till now… I’ve never used assists, or had trouble winning without them. Infact, it’s been proven forever now non-assist cars are literally faster.

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No. Forza Horizon 4 is supposed to last longer than 2 years. It needs to last until the next Forza game and…no one knows when that will be. Turn10 have said they’re not working on Forza Motorsport 8 until Forza 7 is fixed and considering the state it was released in, HOPEFULLY, Microsoft gives FM8 more time for development. And Playground is going off to make Fable 4, so…who knows when FH5 is coming out. What Microsoft has effectively done, is, through a series of really poor decisions, killed ALL of their major exclusive franchises and created a pretty massive drought.

Halo 5 was terrible. Gears 4 was meh. Forza 7 was in like pre-alpha when it was released, who knows when Forza 5 is releasing. In all likelihood, we might not see another Forza game until the next Xbox.

That seems pretty sensible to me, I doubt they can achieve all that much more with the Xbox One X than they have already, so waiting to release as a launch title on new hardware seems like a good strategy.

So we really need to unlock all masteries for 50 cars in total, eh?

Couldn’t tell myself as this part didn’t update for over a week on the rewards screen. Now it does, showing 2/50 masteries, that’s exactly the number of cars I’ve fully unlocked (my “main” and my skill song car) in constrast to car masteries bought (far over 50).

There are quite a few (mostly cheaper) cars that don’t have a 16-tiles mastery screen but far less. If you’re hunting for this rewards achievement, you should focus on those first (you will still need the 25pts Extra Life from every car, though). Btw., you can get up to 10 skill points from a skill chain by now, so it’s not as bad as you might think (Badges in Forza Motorsports 4 were worse).

For further tips on Car Masteries and Skill chains check:

Just a quick heads up, you don’t need 100% Forza Rewards score in every game in order to reach the highest Tier (13); you can get there while not earning about 2500 points across all Forza titles.

You can “afford” to skip almost an entire game, or a bunch of smaller Challenges like this one and still reach Tier 13.

If you are going for 100% score however, be prepared to invest some time :slight_smile:

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Only if you own all the Forza games.
I joined with FM6 and bought and played every Forza title I could get since then. Lacking the XBox 360 and FM2, FM3 and FM4, Tier 12 is the max for me while only Tier 11 is in a convenient reach (still was quite a grind over the last three years).

Anyway, the FH titles (with the exception of FH1 1000club badges) are the easiest of the bunch to “complete” - this includes the Car Masteries of FH4. With the right setup and a clever car choice, you should be able to max out one car per skill song.

The car masteries don’t get counted for me since last tuesday, but I just saw that my milage finally got counted after a week and the same for days played, so it’s only the car masteries (I should have 6 or 7 now instead of 4) and ultimate passes (which still say 0/50 for some reason.

I don’t know how much masteries I am going to do. It is a lot of grinding for sure.

I am at Tier 13 since a couple of days and I didn’t play Forza 6 Apex at all. I played a lot of the rest (except for Forza 1, but that one doesn’t count anyway).
Not sure how high you can get if you miss a couple.

I still think it’s worth it whatever tier you are as every amount of weekly credits and starter cars are always appreciated.

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Isn’t the whole point of being a ‘completionist’ is because you’re incredibly far and beyond the average casual player?

Casual players don’t go for achievements or difficult rewards, because that’s how it’s supposed to be.

If you’re a top .01% player, you should get a reward for being top .01% because no one else will get it.

The system doesn’t punish ‘completionists’. Otherwise completionists would be done with every game after a week because that’s what they do.


Same. It became unobtainable shortly before I started to complete all the Forza games.
They could just remove this achievement (or FM2 in general) out of the reward system like they did with tokens, but it doesn’t look like it.

So you really have to get all perks for 50 cars?

I guess the best way would be to use a very cheap car like the Honda CR-X.
Then you get all perk points, sell it and buy a new one.

But it will be a long journey.

To complete the CR-X you need 39 perk points.
And you will have to do it 50 times. So 1,950 perk points.
Happy grinding.

I don’t think it will be that much of a problem. I’ve been unlocking all the perks each time I use a car for the first time, and I still have 150 skill points available. They get replenished naturally, e.g. if you’re attempting drift zones. Skill points are massively easier to rack up than in previous Horizon games, due to there being so little you can hit that will end a chain, and even when you do, the angel perk is there to save you. It’s pretty easy to bang out a couple of 500k chains each time a skill song comes on.

Edit: looked at my stats and I’ve earned 871 skill points in the first week of playing the game, so 1950 shouldn’t be hard over the next year. Indeed with people complaining about how short the game is, surely you haven’t completed the game till you own every car in the game and have applied every skill mastery to every car. I thought people liked having the game make them work for a long time to complete it!

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