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Hi guys. Quick question… does anybody know how many downloads, likes and uses and car livery needs before it becomes a 5 star rated design? I have an mg with 82 downloads and 20 uses = 102 that’s a 5 star but a BMW that has 47 downloads, 6 likes and 47 uses = 100 that’s still a 4 star… I thought maybe it was a total of 100 but guess I was wrong :confused:

I think it’ll jump to five stars with one more download, like or use. I asked this question not long ago but got no reply.

I think it’s 101

This could take a long time to be posted as I’m new to the forums and still under moderation so if the question is already answered this is to stop me from looking like a weirdo :wink:


I looked into this a while back, but then T10 changed the metrics in the background, so I no longer had enough five-star liveries for the badge I had unlocked. I think the current system is:
1* - Published
2* - 1 download
3* - 11 downloads/likes/uses
4* - 51 downloads/likes/uses
5* - 102 downloads/likes/uses
But I’m not 100% sure - I don’t have enough cars around the breakpoints


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Thanks guys. One car is at 100 so will keep an eye on that and see if changes at 101 or 102.

Many of my early vinyls were well on the way to 5 stars when suddenly with no explanation all my likes and uses went back to zero although the download number remained the same anybody else had this problem.

I’ve never seen that before. I’ve seen it where it’ll show nothing at all, not even downloads when the server is being temperamental but this doesn’t usually last long before it goes back to normal. Also, editing a shared design will lose all control over it.

The BMW has gone to 102. Still a 4 star car. The mg was on 102 and that was a 5 star? I’m confused now lol.

Well looking at the OP, the BMW has more likes and uses over the MG so it must be down to downloads. Or the server has yet to update your stars.

I’m confused too

Yeah maybe it is based more on downloads and uses more than the likes? Maybe needs at least 50 downloads? It’s on 49 so I will keep an eye on it and see when it changes. Fingers crossed it’s 50 downloads. I wont hold my breath though haha

Right the volvo was 4 stars… had 61 downloads 6 likes and 35 uses = 102. Just went up to 62 downloads and went to a 5 star. So going by that car to get a 5 star car you either need a total of 97 downloads and uses OR 103 total downloads likes and uses.

The brain doth boggle matey

Nice work :slight_smile:

I’ve had five stars drop so I always figured it was related to total downloads for that car. I assumed as more designs outpaced mine, my ranking went down. But maybe not.