5 mil money gift

Oday I went to collect my weekly forza rewards on FM6 and found a gift from Turn 10 with 5 mil credits. I collected it and it was real I am now on 8 mil credits and can buy any car in the game. Did anyone else get this?

Also can Turn 10 tell me why I got it cuz I can’t think of any reason why you would give me and anyone else 5 mil credits.

I didn’t get it but I have heard of others getting a beaut T10 gift out of the blue. Maybe T10 have a special wheel they spin every now and then where one lucky player gets a special prize.

I saw someone on that WIR thread get it. So IDK. Both me and that person entered the reverse scavenger hunt thing so… IDK. Maybe the reverse scavenger hunt has something to do with it or not.

I never got a PM.

You only get a PM if John also gives you the DLC of your choice (I got one).

The CR reward is for anyone that posted in that thread.

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Just wanna know, howvdo you know if you get a PM, does a number appear next to ‘My Inbox’ or notifications (Which I have no idea what they are for)

Dang I missed out on this!

You get a bright red circle over your Inbox selector with a number on it - you can’t miss it.