4 Old Guys looking for more to race with

We are a small group of racers based mainly in the Midwest and East coast. We normally play on Tuesday nights starting at about 6:30 - 7:00 pm cst. We are older drivers 45+ in age and are out to have some fun. Looking for other racers in our age and ability group to join us.

No one is out to stomp the others, we all compete and each of us try to win every race, no one lets up. We try to race clean and have fun and a good time. Most of us use most assists due to our lack of experience and skills, but were getting better and the competition is growing.

If you can race with some assist off that is fine as long as you can control your car and are not a determent to the rest of the field. If you can not control your car with the assists off we will ask you to put them back on until you master that skill.

As the norm on a Tuesday night we take turns picking class and tracks to race on the night to warm up. Then we normally have two 3 race championship races. These races are made from cars and classes we chose the week before. We normally pick either a manufacturer and a class of car, or a particular make of car and and class. This gives you a week to get your cars ready.

Most of us are also on other nights during the week and willing to have pick up races or help each other tune. Its a lot of fun. If interested my Xbox gamer tag is DLAK1150. leave a Game message on XBox or join us to try it out. Please no pub stompers.

I’ll Race with you guys. Send me a Friend Request. I’m trying to get a Series going on Forza also. If your interested, just check this link out…

I’d love to join this group, sounds like a good bit of fun.

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You fellas should join up with us at 2 old 4 forza. We run all sorts of series races and casual lobbies. Go on Facebook and search 2 old 4 forza and request to join. Members range from 25 to almost 70! 25+ only.

i sent yall a request. seems like a group i might have fun with.

as for OP, yall sound like fun as well. maybe i can get in on the good times?

I’d happily join you guys. Last played in forza 3 and started back on forza a month ago and used to race in WLR so assists off is good for me. Send me a request my GT is Loony on helium. UK based.
Happy racing peeps

I’m down to play with you guys send me a friend request on live D SILVARU

Msgd you in Xbox live mate