4,248,000 Skill points on screen!

As subject I have a banner at bottom of screen
saying this but what do I do or use these? This is probably one of the dumbest questions ever asked here but you don’t know me!

Known bug. Whenever you level up in Skills, Mixer, Speed Trap Hero, and many others, the progress bar gets stuck at the bottom of the screen. Just run an event and it’ll go away.


When the banner pops up, it is just showing you got a level and will pop up prize such as wheelspins.

Your car will also get skill points you can use to unlock perks for gaining points in the tuning screen. These max at 999

Thanks for getting back so fast, but the banner is just sitting there, I’ve changed cars, gone racing, done free roam, used all available skill point on tree but the banner just sits there on the screen tormenting me with the 4 million odd skill points!!!

Once you do another skill chain it’ll disappear, its been happening to me also.

Thanks think though I’ve tried that! Will get back on results later. Thanks Again!!!

It’s a bug, it might disappear on its own or you might have to restart the game.

Introduced after last months update, and they were too lazy to fix it for this months update. Maybe next month?

It makes you think. If a company after 3 years killed a game with a bug would you be able to get your money back? There should be laws about products that have a kill switch built into them.