339/340 roads

Been everywhere and not one little spec of gray on my map but won’t give me 100% road finds. Stuck at 339/340

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Turn off all the map icons (LB?) it took me about 15 minutes to find a tiny spec on a dirt road that had some icon covering it.

Did that already, nothing missing.

It may not seem like it but it is there somewhere.

I was swearing up a storm [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted- fyerball]

My wife just laughed.

I’m on a 65in. Plasma, and I’m flipping my lid over here lmfao!!

It’s probably one of those orange roads (those have a habit of looking complete lol) or you cut a corner somewhere and you almost can’t see it. Orrrr it could be there is a road coming in a dlc or something we don’t have yet? hehe

Happen to me also drove me crazy so I just started completing championships and finally the achievement popped up. Also my number of roads only went up to 315 and not 340?

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I was wondering the same thing as well because my road count is 315. If it makes any difference I’m on XB1.

Yeah, when I seen 340 it kind of threw me off and I am also on the XB1.

Xbox 360

Same for me(360 also) Have been stuck at 339 and have looked all over the map multiple times. There have been a few tiny patches, mainly Nice and highway ramps. This last road though, spent hours looking and still nothing. Few tiny roads not on map with boards but didn’t count.

[360] i was in the same boat dude. i had 338/340 and search for a good 30 minutes before noticed something. there are 3 very short roads that turn into the festivals that turn white as you pass them but they are listed roads. go back to your map and filter everything off and look for those entrances to the festivals.
i hit 2 of 3 and bam, 340/340 and the gamer points.

also another point of interest the connector or crossroads downtown. they partially turn white as you pass by on the main road…

good luck dude…

I had the same issue in FH1. Turned out it was a freeway onramp offramp. Impossible to see on the map. Just a thought.

Double check all highway on/off ramps, the part between onramps, and the road underneath the overpass.

Also, wherever there is a triangle, sometimes the part where the two roads meet and join into one will get partially filled in and you must drive over it twice, once for each leg forming it.

Best of luck to you, I’m still at around 170/315.

there’s 315 roads and I got them all, so keep looking

Wish I could screen shot my map and post lol. I checked all on ramps and off ramps, under all over passing roads, re drove all dirt roads and to any spot I thought that might have the missing piece. Still no luck, I know when I was driving towards my last gray piece I was in the middle of a combo. So I’m wondering if it missed the road find during the combo & turned it white without counting it.

You guys have drove the full map already?

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For some reason, I chose to drive the entire map after doing like 3 races. I got some hair up my … and just HAD to go get them! 309 currently on XB1.

I finally got it, 340/340. Mine was the industrial area with r8 challenge. One of the entrance ramps to area didn’t show grey. You can try there. Good luck xD This was crazy how long it took, especially since I was all around that area last night.

Same here. That little nub of a road showed up white on my map as if I had driven it already, but as soon as I entered the “Zona Industiale” using that nub I hit 340 and got the achievement.