32 ford free price tag

After getting the 32 ford barnfind i noticed it says free as the price is this just a mistake or is it like the international scout as we could purchase a second one from the autoshow

Its not the price tag
Its what you paid for it

other barnfinds it says a price not free. Example porsche 356a it says 300,000 credits not free

Did You upgrade it or leave it as stock
300,000 sounds like the upgrade value
Not a very high value for a barn find
I have quite a few that say free unless i upgrade them

It’s a DLC car so it’ll show free for the first time you purchase it, but unlike with the Scout, they’ve blocked the ability to purchase a second copy from the autoshow. Basically, it’s free to buy, but you can’t buy it.

Thought so just thought I’d ask around

Please put "spoiler alert"in your title…

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If you’re a regular on the forums you should already know what the barn find is, it was even in the achievements list on the release article. So no, there’s no need for a spoiler alert since it’s been out for a few days now.



What is this a Top Gear clone in India or somwhere.

I understand you but it will never work on these forums. People don’t care and post what they want. At the same time it’s hard to stay away if you are looking for, let’s say Forzathon help. Someone will just like that spoil the next barn find mid thread. Sadly, if you want it to be a surprise, which I also think it should be, stay away from the forums. Game over as is.

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Thing is far from free if you try to buy it at auction be prepared to pay over 5 million for it. So frustrated with this as i would love to have 2 of these but dont have the patience to grind goliath all day long