[30-9 some new pics] The beauty of forza motorsport [patricklos]

Hello i’m patrick and want to share my pictures with you.

I hope you like!

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How 2 older pics from forza 4:


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Lovely pagani

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P-51 Mustang tribute…Corvette Stingray
GT: Elvis Wolf

Alfa 8c:

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And 2 other pics:

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Decent start however I have a few words of advice:
Use the aperture setting to give depth to your shots. It makes a world of difference. Also, don’t use too much contrast in relation to brightness, and your photos could use a bit more color. Keep working at it, it’s an acquired skill :slight_smile:
P.S. The final Sagris shot is pretty nice


Thnx for youre tips
I work on it!

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Great work on the B/W shots, the #1 of the Aventador set and #1-3 of the Alfa 8C. The 2nd one could use less exposure in my opinion.


It’s nice to see new gallery’s start up. Really like this shot.


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