30.000 points Drifting HELP!!!

I cant find a way to get 30.000 points. I reached 25.000 any clue??? Which car do you use PLEASE HEEELP!!

1989 Formula Drift #98 BMW 325i tuning creator: AS SooL InsurJa, tuning name: drift rival

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I can’t drift at all but didn’t have much of an issue using the Formula Drift Viper with no assists. The Kia Stinger also drifts well if you have trouble. It seems to have a nice weight balance so it doesn’t spin out much.

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Oh, yeah. Right. This challenge.

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#25 RTR Mustang. Bone stock. Get 'er up to 2nd gear, feather the throttle, and keep a tight hand on the stick. Make sure you set your timer long enough, because it might take a few laps.

I used the RTR Spec 5, drifts pretty well for a homemade drift car