3 Quick Questions

I spend hours on a track tuning a car for drifting, getting to know all of its quirks and characteristics, but when i take it on the same track Ive spent hours practicing on, suddenly the grip and handling characteristics feel completely alien.

Are the physics in online drift lobby’s actually different from career mode and test drive tracks, or am i just caving in to pressure? lol.

Second question, what is the difference between total time and best lap? If i run a 1 lap race, the total time is 5 seconds or so longer than my best (only) lap. What is the total time actually timing?

Third, how do i actually tune a car for drag racing? In the drag strip test track, the timer starts before i can even rev the engine. This makes the drag strip testing almost pointless. When i used to play gran turismo, the timer started after launch, counted 0-60 times and g-force generated. Is there anyway to test my tunes before going to an online lobby?

I appreciate any answers guys, thanks in advance!

Total time starts as soon as you’re on track, lap times begin once you pass the start/finish line. Meaning the total time is always around 5secs longer than the lap totals. The others i can’t help with I’m afraid.

  1. The physics are consistent from mode to mode in Forza Motorsport.

  2. As Part Chimp states, total race time is time spent on track before you begin the race and any time you may spend in the pits during longer events.

  3. In regards to tuning, you’ll find better help here in the Tuner’s Lounge.

Awesome, thanks for your help!

You’re welcome.

I asked this question not long after FM5 came out, because I was definitely experiencing a difference in the feel of the car between online races and local races. It was suggested that there could be an impact if you’re racing against someone with a poor Internet connection, as they’re not getting the required data in or out of their session quick enough, which causes the engine to behave oddly while it waits for information.

Totally a guess, but believable to me. YMMV.