3 Achievements not unlocked


i had 3 Achievements not unlocked :frowning:

  1. You Shouldn’t : Finish first in a 24 car race using the Manual Transmission Dare Mod => i finish first and used this card but isn’t unlocked.

2)Giving it a Go: Enter your first League Event

3)Joining the Ranks : Finish first in a League Race

i did 52% of the achievements, i did 70% of the crew and 15 % of the career!! i won many races but nothing :slight_smile:

I delete my account from my xbox, I empty the cache of the Xbox, I have to reinstall my account and its success is still not unlocked. I try to do “you shoulds not” with the card dare mod “manual and transmission” but that does not work either.

best regards

I’ve had the same issue with the “You Shouldn’t” achievement. I’ve raced and won, in both career and freeplay, using both the manual w/clutch and manual only mods and I can’t get this one to unlock. Anyone have any insight on this?

Just curious… why do People waste so much time trying to unlock these. What happens when you get it?

You have to use manual with clutch I believe, and also use the “MANUAL SHIFTING” mod. Should be found in the $50K pack

The league one should be self explanatory. Go to “League Races” enter a race and try to win.