263 points needed for series 4?

Hi all. Just wondering if anyone have the same. In the normal festival list is displayed 219 points. But in the general series overview they want 263 pts? Can someone explain what I have missed?

I think that it is a general issue that affects all. This will prevent to obtain 100% in this series, another bug in the infinite list, this game is really a disaster :frowning:

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Min meet max from series 0 was the only really good thing about the early access.

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Have you noticed Series 0 is no longer part of the Series History ? Or is it just me ? Kind of curious is all.

As they in New stream said we will get our uncompleted first series marked as Gold. Wondering if we also get that 2 treasure quests counted for the accolades.

I’m also wondering if the Treasure Chest (singular, the Series 2 Season1) will count for the accolade.

And that’s not exactly what they said about Gold either. They only said that the (listed) bugged items would be auto-completed. If like many you hit the first joykill series gold ending bug and didn’t keep grinding the rest of the series to complete everything else I expect you’re not going to get the “free” golden pass and achievement.

I’m wondering too if the the way they figure to do it (having no idea how they’re figuring to do it) will have any effect on series rewards. For example if you were a couple points short of getting one of the cars for a season or the series would you get it ? I guess we wait and see… somebody will have to tell me though, because I did grind enough for the car rewards, though there were a few items I skipped that might have meant a golden pass after an early joykill bug. I’m good though, got my solid gold in Series 3, Min Meet Max done. Peace and luck to everyone still working on it or hoping the update fixes it.

…and it didn’t. Not for me at least. Or not yet anyway. Who knows. I will say this latest fix seems to be pretty good. Has delivered on what was promised that I have checked so far, and there’s a couple bonus fixes I didn’t see mentioned.

OK, one might not be an actual bonus fix, but I’ll take it, they restored the Tour points for Series 3 even though that wasn’t specifically mentioned that I recall (just Series 1 and 2). That may be just a bit of less than clear messaging.


The big one, at least I sorta think so. They seem to have fixed… Horizon Promo ! Sorta. See this post…

Everything is fine now (after the update).

My season 2 is now 100% with the trailblazer marked as done

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