#25 RTR Mustang(And auction house drama)


This is my first post on these forums, and I am going to sound kind of whiny. A friend of mine had the #25 RTR Mustang from the Spring season a few weeks back, and I was going to buy it off of the auction house. Coordinated with him and everything for it(his gamertag is AzzyboiVEVO). Within seconds of me searching it, some other player had already sniped the auction, and made off with the car. I am trying to see if I can find someone with one that would be willing to sell it to me, though I know I probably won’t get any hits on this in the first place. I would also really appreciate if Playground could add person to person trading in this game and future Horizon titles, so that this kind of stuff doesn’t happen. That’s all I got, if someone has an unwanted #25 RTR just hit me up, I’ll be glad to pay a decent bit of currency in game for it as well.