[25/6/17] TRXhunt's Gallery

Welcome to my gallery!

Welcome back! I’m really liking what I’m seeing so far, especially the second and third shots.

Thank you! Glad to be back.

I’m liking the dark orange tone in all the 458 shots, that’s cool!

Great angle! I think the tree really adds to the sense of speed, well done.

This one is my favourite due to the composition.

Great gallery so far, a nice sense of direction with the shutter speed and the angled close shots are well done…Keep up the good work :wink:

Thank you all very much for your comments!

Wow that P1 shot is stunning! Also really loving the Aventador SV shots!!

Ooooh! Brilliant.

Nice rich colours here

Beautiful shot!

Love the FXX K … But then all the Ferrari’s are awesome, P1 in the rain is amazing as well.

My favourite shot from your latest set has to be the seventh one.

The kind words are much appreciated guys :slight_smile:

Those last 2 Centenario shots are really nice and the first one of the LaFerrari!

A bunch of great shots in this update! I love the soft lighting in this:

and that last shot is great!

Great set of photos of some very cool cars. I picked the one above out as my fave. Love the shot at the pumps too.

My favourite has to be the fourth shot for a few reasons. But two reasons why it is my favourite is the angle & contrast.

I like how it turned out too, thanks.

I guess you’ll be seeing that shot on the cars page for FH3 :slight_smile:

Thank you, I was unsure on that one.