24 or 48 AI opponents in races

With 23 or 47 opponents in a race the game becomes more fun interesting and hard. That will be awesome to race and see in front of you and behind you so many cars.

mh nope.

5 or 100 opponents will still feel like a catch-up race.

Plus, IA is so bad that I cannot even imagine how it would react to a bad track in community championship.

It doesn’t add much but it’s not possible because of performance.

Horizons open world setting is already far more CPU intensive then a closed circuit game like Forza Motorsport. One of the reasonings Horizon is limited to 12 while Motorsport can run 24 cars in a race. Also the size of the starting grid when factoring in twice as many cars (or 4 times as many for 48 car races) would place greater limits on map design and race starting locations.

Yap then xbox would die 1 fps

16 cars in a race is pushing it for me. I don’t need rush hour traffic in my race.

The would have to lower the detail.

I’m opposite. I want just 1. Probably asking too much tho cos unbeatables can’t even keep up with me.