24 car lobbies - Who asked for these?

I read somewhere once… A terrible way to start a thread i know.

Apparently these were brought in due to popular demand. I think they are ok in theory but not when the races are so short (and i feel they are long enough for hopper lobbies). I feel the lobbies will improve when popularity decreases a bit and a full lobby is more like 12-16.

I watch a lot of organized racing on twitch put on by such as TURN. Longer races and often fewer people taking part which seems a better mix. Those that do have 24 people in are usually 24 experienced racers so they get along ok But i understand that hopper lobbies are a different beast populated by different people.

In a nutshell: 24 car lobbies - good in theory not so good in practice.

Oh and if anyone can post a link to where these were asked for by popular demand i would appreciate it.


24 in a lobby is a nightmare, should have left it at 16.


I’m a fan of 24 personally. There’s going to always be crashers and the like, no matter if it’s 24 people or 8.


I like 24 player lobbies, To be honest I would like them even bigger. But even with 16 people in the usual 3-5 laps on a track is bit too short. if you start at the back of the field only way to gt trough is hope that the front cars mess up and cause a crash and wipe out half of the field in front of you, or go in to mad rush, and not be afraid of giving few small nudges to other cars to get past. (No I don’t mean wrecking them, just unbalance their car so you can get beside them) if you can’t pass them swiftly otherwise.

I would much rather sit on someones rear bumper waiting for mistake than just about forcing my way trough, but with this short races there isn’t really any other way to get past, unless you are by far superior driver with far superior car.


As others have touched on, 24 works when you have at least semi-competent participants. So for actual league races, 24 is fine (excellent even), but for Turn-10’s interpretation of leagues, it’s a crash fest.
I ran through almost an entire track rotation last night in the 70’s Grand Prix league and I don’t think a single race had under 18 drivers. IF I started towards the front and managed to avoid getting punted in the first couple of corners, or IF I managed to maneuver through the scrum when starting mid-pack, there was actually some really good racing at the front of the pack. From what I could tell, most of the melee could be mitigated if 1) racers didn’t race other racers as if they were racing AI, and 2) people didn’t just shoot back onto the track when they overshoot a corner or spin.

I love 24 player lobbies and if the laps where made longer if gladly have more in it

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24 player lobbies would have been perfect in other forzas where there was an abundant amount of clean racers.

Fast forward until now where the people who play are generic gamers, and it’s a terrible idea.

I guess the marketing plan did work.

This is ridiculous. Forza has always had people who race like crap just as much as they race clean. Nothing has changed except the 24 player lobbies.

I love 24 player lobbies. I just want more laps in the lower classes.

No it’s not rediculous. The sheer influx of godawful players has been documented by many and I for one have seen it countless times.

More laps won’t help in most instances because the mentality is unchanged. It’s the wild wild wild west in lobbies.

At times it was bad in other forzas, but not every stinking day at all times. I’m not even talking about maxed out lobbies either. Those are hard to come by from my experience.

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16 is plenty for hoppers IMO… Also, People were asking for more, when we had player hosted lobbies. More friends in a race-fun
More randoms in a hopper-headache

24-player lobbies are fine, it’s the players I occasionally have an issue with.

I love 24…

More would be better…

However, Options for active damage, or costs for repairs in real CR would be nice too…

longer races would be a good improvement as well… more time to sort your way through after things get lined up a bit more than at the start…

Just adding one more opinion!

Lots of people requested bigger lobbies. If you are having a longer race and have people who can drive a bit, than you would be pleased. Right now the problem is the lobbies have gotten bigger, but the races havent. So now people at the back are even further back than they were before and there is a big push (literally) to get as close to the front as they can.

24,16,10, whatever…Still gonna have crash fest at turn one… Doesnt matter…In either case you need to get into top 5 and have a chance.Clean racers are USUALLY up front.Not always though.An occasional wrecker manages to get lucky and get up front.

Well without a proper qualifying, its a crapshoot where you will be placed. Complete luck of the draw, however good racers can usually work through the corner 1 carnage.

In the leagues it looks like starting position is based on previous fastest lap with clean laps being faster then dirty.

This is just an observation of ghost leagues not sure if this is 100% good but seems like it to me

The player count doesn’t matter, it’s just the varying differences in skill and intentions. The problem here is matchmaking, it works fine for first person shooters, but not in racing games.

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I didn’t cry for 24 racer lobbies, however I was thrilled when there were announced. I am not really doing much league racing nowadays due to other priorities, but 24 player lobbies allow for larger leagues without needed to split up lobbies. They are a great addition!

In public lobbies, the small number of laps might not give you time to race from the back to the front but it also increases your changes of getting in some good racing. More racers in a race = a higher chance there will be more around your skill level. The flip side as you point out is that there is likely to be more unskilled racers that will crash you out. Overall the benefits outweigh the risks in my opinion.

Unfortunately you can only utilize 24 person lobby with CLEAN DRIVERS, the same goes for 12.

I don’t think turn or anyone else has even attempted running a 24 person series, they capped it ahead of time based on fears of past game performance and wanting to stream. Having raced with many of these guys I really see no reason not to run larger lobbies besides poor internet performance by many players.


lots of persons complained about number of players. Especially leagues and multi class racers now you can have 8 lmp, 8 GTE, 8 gt3.
That would be a kick butt 30-50 laps at Daytona, Glen, road Atlanta, cota.

So more is better.

Yes there are all sorts of issues : party chat#, game chat working with that many, load times, the fact that not sure if I can set up multiplayer. But ultimately rather have 24 cars and get those issues fixed or if those issues are the hourglass. Reduce MP to the number it can handle

Also I think the big issue is everyone expects to win. This is not turn 10s fault and is a very unrealistic expectation from most I’ve raced with. Get over it some of the greatest race in my memory were racing for 6th place and some of the most boring races I’ve been in 2nd place for over an hour. All by myself in no mans land no way to catch #1 and to fast for the race for p3,4,5,6.