230 mph at the airstrip?

there are various cars that appear in the leaderboard doing 300mph+ …

I have some of those …even maxed out I can only hit 218 mph … any advice?

I have Mclaren Senna , Hennesey Venom , Veyron , Ultima , Mosler (plus lots of others) so not short of hardware … even taking a run up from the grass area I can’t seem to go fast enough

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Mosler is safe pick, i can upload video as soon that my xbox loads that (i got it in first try)

I beat it with Mosler with no issues on first attempt.

I can’t check what tune it is but look up those saying “Max speed” or something like that for X999 class. Also use manual shifting, it helps a lot.

I found it was easier to hit the speed trap coming from the north, starting from the road north of the airfield. That way you’ll be doing most of your acceleration on the drag strip instead of on the grass.

I used my “X 999 Dirt/Snow” tune of the Mosler, did the speed trap 1st try, the danger sign 2nd try. I approached the speed trap from well north of the airstrip, to hit the tarmac at a decent starting speed.

my xbox was really slow, but here’s the video how to do it.

Jeez mate, that’s like 10 miles away! :slight_smile:

It’s easily done from the start of the strip, you don’t need to go on the grass at all, just clear a few barriers first.

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Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:
I went back to it and tried it with a Aventador FE … maxed it out (there isn’t much to max to be honest) … it’s a beast!

1st try!

then took it to the jump at Mortimer Gardens … 2 run ups with half a dozen rewinds - Boom!

That fella is in favourites for sure now…

Anyone has a video doing it at 300+ MPH? Or those are cheaters?

Like every other speedtrap in this game top scores are either some kinda glitches or cheat scores.


Yep those top 10 or so scores on leaderboards should be taken with a grain of salt.

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X-Class Agera. I had done it a few times before the seasonal but its not easy. Start way way back in the field

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I used an Agera as well. Started from just on the other side of the road. :slight_smile:

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One of the Mosler tunes has a weird spring setup and it looks like it clips into the ground and it hits nearly 295mph. Very hard to control though.

Here is a vid: https://www.reddit.com/r/forza/comments/agv9i9/295_mph_475_kph_mosler_no_drafting/

I used the Aventador Fe, just starting on the road behind the airstrip.

What it the max speed for Mosler? I have 440 as maximum, but some guys have over 450. Is it even possible? Maybe better fuel?

My speed trap tune that i have shared top speed is abaout 452. But using few tricks can get over 470km/h (if i remember right my top speed in stats page is 468)

Wow, OK. Because my friend has 450 with Mosler on the highway trap. But the highway si problematic because of a train help so I am not sure what is legit and what is with the train :smiley: I don’t even know if it works the same as few months ago.

And few tricks… can you please share a bit of it? I don’t know about any so it sounds pretty interesting :slight_smile:

My top speed record is now 475, and 455 at highway speedtrap. trick is use rally supsension, max ride height in front and rear ride height minium and to make front supsension tight and rear supsension soft, i can share my tune if you like.

I refuse to ever do that myself. First is that it looks just terrible. But what really shivers my jimmies is that it should give you the whole peter pan as your front end gets lifted high into the sky. I cannot wait until it gets bug fixes. So when horizon 6 comes out?

Edit: Why rally and not drift suspension? You can get serious rake with those. I do that with some hot rods to give it extreme stance. Bottom front, lifted end for the classic drag car look. I assume reverse would work?

Edit 2: Because of the obvious, they cannot have it…

I used the speed 12 for both. Tried the runway from the grass a dozen times, then just started from the road nw by the trees, and used the concrete pipe to judge the runway, took three tries from there. Third try I ran down the lights and rubber curbs in the path really quick first