2018 Mclaren 720s preordered car never obtained

I preordered the game from microsoft store and till now the car is missing. I read that i should get a message with a code to obtain the car from Xbox but no i didn’t. It is the Mclaren 720s preordered car. In the Microsoft store it saies i have download and installed the car. But it is nowhere. Also tha Mclaren senna is missing althought i plaied the demo. Need help or else i will be dissapointed to ask for a refund. It sucks it has been months and i was not aware that i should have this car. They keep the secrets for themselves…

You should have got messages straight from xbox in your xbox live messages…not an ingame message

If it says you have the cars installed have you collected them from the dlc tab from within the autoshow

Dont think you have any grounds for a refund for what you are claiming…since they were bonuses and not what you actually paid for

I know that already. i never got a message on Xbox app. and the preordered cars comes with a code not in the dlc in autoshow. anyway i searched everywhere the car just don’t exist cause i never got the code. Guys only from Forza support can solve this i am pretty sure

Then you better start a ticket here then

You did state in your first post that you have it installed though…if you did have it installed you then need to collect it from the autoshow dlc section…it does not automatically go into your garage

I already searched the dlc section nope. i’ll try the ticket maybe

Well I’m pretty sure it was if you preorder from a different store, you would get a different preorder car. That was for 3 cars but then for the 4th car I think it was Walmart or some other store shut it down so that car was never able to be obtained?

I’m not entirely sure about it, but I think 3 of the preorder cars no one has.

no i am sure that i read that if you have bought the game before its release date(preorder) and from the microsoft store you get one preordered car for free and basically the mc laren 720s search and you will see that it is true. Yes i bought it from mic store i know that