2018 Bmw F90 M5 DRLS Not Working on Drivers Side.

Is It Just Me Or Is The Drivers Side DRLS Not Working On The 2018 Bmw M5
Could u Please Fix This?

Find Image Enclosed In The Link Below


The engine sound and gear crunch hasn’t been fixed as well.

There’s a few threads in the support section on this exact topic as well

the drl has little grid details on the right headlight but the left drl is pure smooth looking like it’s missing detail? very poor for a game as big as this

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gear and engine sounds broken, oh we’ll get to it soon. but let a piece of clothing or emote break and they’ll fix it pronto!!

Now now, dont exaderate. The horns and clothing have been flawless. Outside of that horn volume issue, but that want for long.

Exaggeration or nor, but there’s no denying that there is too many bugs with DLC cars lately, models, sounds, fov…I could understand if it was some inexperienced company, but PG/T10 should do better than that. Models should be priority here, clothes and other stuff not so much.