2015 Mustang HP Announced

435 HP and 400 lb-ft. Decent bump over the previous model. There had already been much discussion over the car’s weight and that info came out a while back. It looks like all the information on the car required for it to be used in a video game is now public. Could we have the crown jewel car to draw people into a paid DLC that isn’t part of a car pack with this?

Note: I know this is borderline wish list. I really intend it as a general discussion type item. If the forum had a general discussion section I would put it there but I can’t see that it does, maybe I missed it. Lock this if you must.

Edit: I missed that if I click all forums there is a general automotive discussion. I think this may have been better placed there. If it can be moved there instead of being locked as a wishlist thread that would be great.

Would be awesome to have a 2015 pack. The new Hellcat Challenger, this Mustang, and other brand new cars coming out. Nothing brings new excitement to a game than “new” cars. But it’s great to see the “horsepower wars” of the old days back in full swing again!!! MORE POWER!

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