2013 Mazda MX5 Cup incorrect shift animation.

Animation for flappy paddles shows when shifting gears. Car does not have flappy paddles. A stick shifter can be seen when looking to the right.

indeed , and Many cars have not right shifter animation (some cars have not animation at all :/)
still not fixed many months after the release :confused:

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And it won’t be in the grand scheme of bigger bugs.

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The shift animations are way inaccurate. If you are in 3rd gear while stationery, and downshift to first, the gear selector is moved as if you downshifted once and not twice.

“Welcome to the magical world of Forza Motorsport, where we have world class graphics and physics, but fail to create proper animations and online functionality.”

Eh wouldn’t say world class…

Google “sarcasm” real quick, because that’s what my comment was. And I said “world class” because that’s how Forza themselves describe their game. I swear jokes fly so far over peoples heads now a days that they don’t even feel a breeze.