2011 Ford Transit supersportvan is missing ladders but the Forza edition has ladders

Ok I was playing fh4, bought a Ford Transit original and I went to buy some ladders for the roof of the van and there were no ladders so I went to the auction house to buy the Forza edition Transit, I couldn’t purchase it yet because it’s a dlc so I’m going to save for gift card but anyway it had ladders pls help or if you know why it’s like that just let me know much appreciated

What’s really annoying is being unable to remove the ladders from the Forza Edition.

It makes the forza edition more unique.
I just wish I didn’t have to race against 7 of them every time I run an S1 race.

It is a body option that is exclusive to the FE.

This is something that I have noticed and has frustrated me. What’s worse is with the FE version you are unable to remove the ladders. I wanted to turn the FE version into a racing van but with the ladders it doesn’t feel right plus adds unnecessary weight and ruins aerodynamics. I think the FE has the ladders because its ‘unique’ which is odd because there is nothing unique about ladders. I hope Playground address this issue.