2010 Murcielago LP670-4 SV Mystery?

I noticed this car isn’t in the dealership, but I bought one in an auction as it’s one of my favorite Lambos. Is it some kind of special car? Are there others that aren’t in the dealership?

Its won in the final midnight battle, which are unlocked via street races

3 cars that are unlocked via the skill tree, 4 are unlocked by doing Midnight Battles.


So I wasted my money then. I’ll have to be more careful what I purchase from now on. I wish there were a list of these cars.

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That Lamborghini you mentioned, the RX7, the Regal GNX, E36 M3 are Midnight Battle cars. The Bentley Continental, '65 Mini Cooper, and Lamborghin Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera are the Skill Point cars. If you want a list of the barn finds, you can easily google that, I’ll not spoil it for you.

There is a list.

If you go to the auction house and check for rare cars, you will find everything that is not purchasable in the autoshow :

preorder cars
HE cars
barn finds
skill shop cars
midnight battle cars

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Don’t worry, you are not the only one. I bought 2 of Murcielago’s. But maybe I just like Lambos (also have 2 Aventadors and 1 of some other models), couldn’t stop myself!
I wish I had known origins of all these rare cars (and how many people would buy them on auction) before I bought them.

That Lambo can also be a wheelspin prize, but maybe only after unlocked by the Midnight Battle. I have 2 that I’m the original owner. I don’t think you can ever get a RX-7 or a Gallardo froma wheelspin though.

The Murcielago can be obtained from wheelspin from the get go. I got mine before I did even a single midnight race.

The RX-7 showed up in one of mine, so it can be obtained this way as well.

That’s good to hear. I prefer to not have other people listed as the original owner on my cars and I thought I was going to have to break down at some point and buy another RX-7 from the AH. I’ll wait and see if I can get one on a spin … but I’m level 620 or something and haven’t seen a single one on a wheelspin yet.

Do not need to unlock the lambo, it was the first car I got off a wheelspin and didn’t realize it wasn’t in the auto show… lol

I’ve got two of the Murcielago’s, one from a wheelspin, the other from a midnight battle.