2009 Corvette ZR1 Glitch

As the topic says,hope for a fix soon09 zr1


LOL! GM must have recalled the steering wheels.


Haha! That is hilarious. You know. That could be the reason there is no steering wheel.

Is the ignition barrel missing too? That was a recall.


Recall? Pfft

If you guys knew anything, you’d know this is one of those new-fangled autonomous car things. It’s run by Google in the hope to rebuild some dignity from that awful white washing machine…

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I guess the clutch was on recall as well lol

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Actually hope they don’t fix this so I can try this view with my wheel, I want this option for all cars. Lol


If you play in 1st person view, the Steering Wheel does not appear in the 09 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, your character just holds onto thin air and uses psychic powers to move the car. This is a serious glitch in the game and if it is not fixed I will return this game tomorrow, I cannot support the franchise with game breaking exploits such as this. If anybody else has noticed anything similar to this in other cars, feel free to post about it here!


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Whilst this is an issue, I’m not sure sure it qualifies as a “game breaking exploit”. It’s merely a visual bug.


How is a graphical error, an exploit? I am highly confused by this.

Big boy threats about returning the game… guess what pal, they already got your money, they dont care if you return it.


Obviously I was joking. You guys seriously need to lighten up.

There is no joking allowed on this forum


You’re joking about what? Returning the game?
Because I checked the car in the autoshow, and its indeed is lacking a wheel.

i mean my corvette is being steered by the force i guess.

for real this is some serious witch craft.

like was it a licensing problem? did you not have the licensing for the c6 steering wheel?

but no in all seriousness with those jokes aside heres a video of it.

LOL, that view should be available for every car without the hands too

i agree it would be cool for wheel users to have no hands and no steering wheel for the wheel players, and i dont now why its not even an option because legit the devs have the option to toggle the arms on or off and the wheel on or off and we saw that at E3 and there is no reason why it didnt cary into the full game as its own view option, i also think seat adjusting would be great too.

Meh i’d rather not have a wheel then to keep staring at other drivers in open cockpits not moving an inch when turning a wheel lol… look like blowup dolls driving


i think hes under the impression that if wheel and arms were turned off in cockpit veiw other drivers wouldnt see them for their car either…

hes wrong.