2006 CCX - Stock aspiration type is incorrect to real life

First Playground Games are getting car sounds wrong, and now aspiration types for cars when they’re stock? I thought the Koenigsegg CCX was boosted by centrifugal superchargers in real life, not a roots or twin-screw type supercharger, because last time I checked, no CCX ever made had a roots or twin-screw type supercharger setup in real life when they were first built!

I mean, even in Forza Motorsport 4, which was released way back in 2011 on Xbox 360, the CCX was boosted stock by centrifugal superchargers just like it was in real life, so I was surprised to see that the same wasn’t true for Horizon 4!

Hopefully this will be rectified in a future update…

They can’t even put the real performance of car lol, forget about the sounds!

Lol, maybe you should show them how it’s done.

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maybe you should know the history of cars

the previous CCR is faster than CC8S

and CCX is faster than both, and PI is lower, LOL…

all stats of car are wrong, 0-60, top speed and gear ratios

in 30 seconds or less you found all data about CCX on official website or third sites, PDFs, whatever you want

there are many cars with wrong specs, just blind people don’t see that

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If they’re gonna continue giving these vehicles the wrong specs they might as well just make fake cars 'n save themselves some money. I really can’t believe how many blunders have been made with this game.

It’s not that hard to figure out. You use real vehicles, you give them actual specs and sound. Don’t just make some stuff up 'n hope for the best.