$20 bucks for three cars and a track. [Mod edit - WSD]

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Ban me, delete this thread, do what ever you want. I just don’t care.

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One single solitary track or car in Iracing costs around that, just so you are aware.


Also Pcars, they nickel and dime you for every car extra that you want. Iracing cost $120 a year to play, if you buy it by the year. If not it’s $155.00, also they want you to pay for every track and car. There is a storyline in the Nascar, so to speak. Forza is not perfect, but I have fun with it any how.

You don’t have to buy it, or play the “game” for that matter.


beat me to it.

However, to me there is a big difference in the quality of the content. Each car has its own personality and characteristics… something you dont find here, however i wouldnt expect 3 stock cars (1 car with 3 different liveries) to feel different. And the tracks are regarded as the most accurate tracks in any racing game/sim.

Rebel Iarlyn is right, that would cost $45 in iracing.

I just hope he feels better getting that off his chest.

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Like what Sergi says ^^^. No one is forcing you to buy the dlc or play the game. I paid $20 for it, why…cause im an American who loves nascar who lived in texas and now lives in Louisiana. Where nascar is huge. They don’t make DLC just for one person and one person only. They make DLC for everyone and I mean everyone. Everyone has different opinions on the DLC packs. So like said before and in other forums complaining about the DLC if you don’t like don’t fuss or complain about cause no one is forcing you to buy it.

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I’d have choice words for you. I won’t use them. While I don’t particularly like paying 20 bucks (£16 for me in reality) for these cars. The idea of not wanting the likes of the Hot Wheels cars, Limo, or even the Aztek in Forza bc “ITS A RACING SIM” is ridiculous. There is a level of fun that can be had simply from driving these alone.

Also. If you take part in somewhat organised racing relatively soften, that makes adding the Hotwheels cars and other cars mentioned before even better. As racing these cars against each other, stock even. Is a lot of fun. I have taken part in races for Limos and Azteks and the likes that have had perfectly fun clean proper racing with these cars. And if that is possible. Whats wrong with it being in a racing game. You can race them therefore it is deserved of a place.

This is something that isn’t new to Forza too. Forza has had SUVs since who knows when. And one of the biggest shames in moving from the old gen to current gen, is the lack of all the Citycars in Forza. the likes of the Peugeot 107, Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo. Which were perhaps some of the best fun to build and race

I understand not wanting this pack. Its announcement is disappointing to me as it very much means there is unlikely to be a further BTCC expansion. Which is one of the aspects this game is lacking.

However, the mere thinking that the community itself is falling apart. thats tosh xD There will always be those that play Forza.

I must admit that I probably won’t buy the NASCAR expansion, just yet, although I am tempted.
It seems to have had a mostly positive reaction/review from what I’ve seen and although I disagree with the OP’s “passionate view”, I may wait awhile before deciding.
I am also interested to see what Asseto brings to the console masses and already enjoy PCars, when I feel the need for a more serious/in depth “game”.

It’s a good time for us racing fans, and choices are always welcome in my eyes.

Actually, I’m gutted that I didn’t ask my family for Dirt Rally for my bday and i ended up with loads of clothes…that i probably wont wear :wink:

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Don’t you just love it when people tell you how much your job is worth?

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