2 RX7'S, 2 Diff. colors but Forza makes them the same color

So I’ve got 2 B class RX7’s, one a grip build the other more of a power build. Neither of them has a motor or drivetrain swap. All the body pieces are the same except the front bumpers. The grip build has the Forza front bumper the power build has one of the aftermarket ones. The both have the same side skirts, rear bumper, and Forza rear wing. The grip build is yellow with black wheels and the power build is blue with gold wheels. They also do not have the same wheels I’ve put carbon fiber on the mirrors and hood of both of these. I built the yellow one first then the blue one, at first the grip build car would show up with gold wheels when i use it, now it’s just blue with gold wheels just like the power build car. Still different wheels and bumpers, it’s not copying the exterior parts just the colors. The thumbnails for both cars still shows them accurately, a blue car with gold wheels and a yellow car with black wheels. So now i have two blue RX7’s both with gold wheels.

Any one now how to correct this? I’m wondering if it’s because they are in the same class? I might build a third in B class to see if i can get the game to make it blue, if it does I’ll bump it up to a class and see what happens. Or i’ll just make an A class RX7 and see if it does it. I’ll post the results this weekend.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

If I have understood this correctly, I had a similar problem with paints not chaging, anyway I found this out after changing a paint back to manufacturer colour rather then of the colour chart. this happend to me with S2000 and Clio Williams. never seen it mentioned till now but sounds like what might have happened,

Do either of the cars have vinyls that are transferring? FM5 had a glitch where saved paints would often overwrite each other unless they were saved a specific way.

Thumbnails would stay the same so it does sound like a form of that bug could have made its way over.

Neither of the cars has any vinyls on them. The carbon fiber i wrote about earlier, i just selected to paint the hood and mirrors and used the supplied carbon pattern in the color selection with all the special paint colors.

Just to simplify, they are two same model cars, identical except for front bumbers and engine parts. Different colors and different wheels. And very similar tunes. Also one is on race tires and one is on the middle tires.

I won’t be home until the weekend to see if it is class related, like i said up above i’m gonna see if the game will do it with a third RX7 but this one will be A Class.

I had the same exact problem with to of my hondas in horizon 2 but they where different classes