2 Custom Blueprint Races at one single race in Online. Option to change cars after any race

Hello… since Team Modes are the most common way to play online, and that’s something that many don’t prefer.
What about separating 2 teams with 2 different classes at the same race?

Here’s an example:

-Blue Team (6 Players) Using S1 class cars on the track.
-Red Team (6 Players) Using B class cars on the roads.

This consist of separating both half players on different class and tracks but at the same race or blueprint event.
But the especial thing its that both races could be closer from each other, with some intersections to cross paths.

Another example:

-Blue Team (6 Players) Using Sportscars on the street roads.
-Red Team (6 Players) Using Trucks in off-roading roads.

This one base on their championship! This could be useful to separate players if not including the ghost options.
And the players will race in one class and the next race could be another class for constant and no limited races.

-Also an option to change your car after ending a race, selections.
-And don’t get bored by using the same car for all the entire event.

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Multi-bucket races like this are possible in Forza Motorsport 7. These kind of races work better with the higher number of cars that the motorsport games have in their races.

Still this is something I would like to see in Horizon, or at the very least allow use to choose multiple car types when setting up a Blueprint.

The thing this kind be for a 6V6 players only due that’s only for 12 players.
And not necessary the multiple car choices. Just could be better for select another car of your garage.

So kinda like the showcase events where you have odd match-ups like the dirt bikes against your car, but also separate routes?

Offhand I think it would be an interesting gimmick game mode that would be reallllllly hard to balance… dont get me wrong, I’d definitely play it if only for the laugh, but I’d fully expect the red team to get slaughtered almost every time in that example.

Maybe with a couple tweaks like making it 3v3 & 3v3 in the different classes/types with a randomized assignment at the beginning of each race and like 15-20 (instead of 45) seconds to pick/rent say an S1 rally monster (I think I’d lock the car types for this)… throw in some cross-overs and jumps like you suggested if only to add in some extra carnage and market it as more casual playground games than serious racing for serious people and I can see it being kinda stupid fun… the type of fun where you go into it knowing you’re probably going to have more than a few collisions on track and don’t care.

The more I think about it, the more fun this sounds… interesting idea! :slight_smile:

Its about creating a 2 Point-To-Point Blueprint, half players in one Blueprint and the other in the second Blueprint.

And this would be at the same event, with crossing paths depending of the route created, to not get to separated.
And this could feature different classes or championships to open to diverse selection. But still in a casual race.