I want to do a race with 2 categories for example, GT3 an Prototipes, how can I do it? I just want to do a lemans race, Thanks.

Single Player / Free Play
Tab over to Setup / Race Setup

Under Rules set Game Type to Circuit Race
Under Advanced Rules set Number of Driver Buckets to 3

Under Group 1 Options set Min/Max Drivers to 1 and choose settings for the car you want to drive.

Under Group 2 Options set Min/Max Drivers to say 11 and set Car Division to Forza GT

Under Group 3 Options set Min/Max Drivers to say 11 and set Car Division to Forza P1

Setting Division sets the Homologation and the game will automatically upgrade your opponents. If you change any Car Restriction it will revert to Any as the Division and choose cars that fit the restrictions, and the game won’t autoupgrade the opponents. If you want to race stock opponent cars, you’ll have to get creative with the filters. For instance Forza GT has a year range of 2009 to 2017, power from 380 to 625, PI from 779 to 997 (though most are R class), weight from 2249 to 3086 lbs. Most are V engines but a couple are Flat and Inline, with cylinders ranging from 6 to 12.


Just interested why buckets is not set to 2?

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You could set to 2 but since the first bucket is the player bucket, some want a little more control over their car vs. the opponent cars.