2 cars for League

Ive just noticed the new league is going to be A-Class american muscle and decided to tune some cars for it.
Ihave one for grip and one for speed
Shelby daytona grip
Dodge dart for speed
Im new to A class tuning but these cars feel very nice. I hope you enjoy them

Ok nvm you cant use the shelby even though its on the bloody picture

So after a night of experimenting in the a class league I ended up with two cars, a corvette zr1’70 and a camaro ss coupe’69, both tunes are up now
I finished #4 in pinnacle. I hope you like them

which of the cars in this category are the best to start out with? and if there is how can you tell

I dont normally run a-class so I just picked cars I liked. Seems like alot of people were using the mercury cougar.

Can you make a version of your 69 camaro with a stock hood?

Yh man no problem I hate it aswell but -6lbs is -6lbs lol ill sort it out soon need to take the kids to school

Cars up now bud called stock hood

Thanks appreciate it