2 be or not 2 be


Do you remember this?

I’m not sure exactly what’s gone on to get you so riled up (again) but I think you need to chill out lad. It’s a game, nothing more, nothing less.

As to cowboys & suits, you lost me there completely lol.



I don’t currently own an Xbone, so until I can afford one, I make do with painting and racing on the 360 - so running off to 5 or even 6 (which isn’t out yet) isn’t really an option.

I know it’s pretty quiet around here but blowing up in a thread just to stir things up isn’t really the answer.

Forza 4 is getting to the end of it’s life, however there are still things to do as a part of the community, whether it’s trying one of the racing challenges in the racers lounge or entering a paint or photo competition. So instead of going on the attack and calling people out, you could try and use some of that energy in a more positive way - you might even make a few new friends that way.

Anyway it’s getting late here, so I’m going to call it a night for now, have a good one.



im living it up - living it up...lowlife- yeah I don’t care too much for A lot of Show - but I do make it one - What? -did you see that!

I certainly hope your thread’s heading “2 be or not 2 be” is not synonym to the conundrum set by Hamlet in Shakespeare’s play, as he had only suicide and revenge in mind. LOL. In your instance and as far as Forza is concerned, I certainly think “to be” would be the better choice for you. Forgive my bluntness, but I try to read between the lines what you actually saying or asking, but still a bit lost on that - so if you need help or anything, please say so in short clear sentences. But then stick to one thread and with no riddles - I’m struggling a bit to follow you - not only because your almost riddle- like way of speech, but also because you create different threads with the same content.

I’ll hear from you.