2.5 L Subaru Impreza WRX (second generation)

From Wikipedia I understood that the second gen WRX had 2.5 L engines at the top end. Both FH3 and FM7 have 2.0 L versions. As far as I’ve noticed, Turn10 tries to include the most top of the line models. Why not in this case?

Providing it as an optional conversion allows players to have both:

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Of all the complaints, gripes, and issues people have ever had with any game in this series, allowing players to shove an EJ257 into a 22B is the only thing I can’t forgive.

The EJ257 (2.5 liter) is specific to the USDM WRX STi. The JDM STi used the 2.0 liter EJ207, which is also the base for all WRC and Rally America cars from 1998 until now. The EJ207 is also the base for the BRZs that are raced in the GT300 series. The hawkeye WRX in Forza is just the JDM version, which is why the steering wheel is on the other side as well.


Thank you! My favourite Subaru :slight_smile:

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