2,4h D'Endurance: How to enter and drive without waiting 2h ?

I want to drive the 2,4 Hour D’endurance Hopper, but every Game I join is already running with a few Drivers and needs 2 hours to End.
Is there any way to get in a Lobby that’s not already running ?

you could keep exiting and entering, or just sit and wait. there is no express lane.

As far as I know, just gotta keep joining new lobbies. I did the same for the Indi endurance and after a few rejoins found one with only 20 min wait, which wasn’t too bad.

I cannot find anything below 90 Minutes.

just leave and come back in but be careful. i usually find a lobby with 20 or less minuets to go. leave me plenty of time to change batteries, go to the restroom, grab something to drink, have a cig, etc… .fisrt one i went into it had hours 30 something minuets. thats a bit more time than i need to get ready so i left. the second lobby i went in had 30 seconds to start, barely enough time to grab a car and tune. between my eyes turning yellow and having to keep my head level to keep the pee from spilling out my ears, a nicotine fit, constantly worrying if my batteries were going to die and dnf me i suffered thru the race and finished it with a headache. indy was easy, this one was work. thank god for excedrin. i felt like i lost a fight while hung over. i would advise leaving the lobby if there is too much time to wait, but even more so if there isn’t enough time to wait. make it an enjoyable experience not a suffering one. i got a whole new respect for drivers who do a race while ill.


Thanks for the advice. Never thought of that. I probably would’ve said F it and thrown the controller, kicked the dog and yell at everyone to get the hell outta the way…I gotta piss!!!

I get cycled between 4 lobbies and all with more than 1.5hrs left. Have to wait over an hour to join a lobby? Been trying already for 30min. Asinine way to set up a playlist IMO, bad form T10, bad form.

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Finaly i have waited 45 min in a Lobby. We started with 10 Drivers, and finished with 5. I get crashed out in the first real corner, but finished first at the End. It was nice, but could be better. I think i will try to drive the next Endurance Hopper too. I like Endurance races.

Hell, I suggested last month during the Indy 500 challenge to put you in a new lobby that wouldn’t start the race until there was at least 6 people in the lobby if all other lobbies were in progress. Not too happy to see that no one from Turn 10 saw it. It can’t be that hard to set that up unless its a lack of server space in which case I’ll gladly play the waiting game, but it sucks joining a lobby that literally started 2 minutes before I get placed in it. Sorry for the rant, but I hope this gets fixed before the 2.4 hour Nurburgring challenge.

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leave the lobby and go back in, it’ll put you in a different lobby and if the race started 2 minuets ago every other lobby has to be a shorter wait. i dont wait more than 20 minuets. well when the lobbies are open, we all waited this morning. dont know why they didn’t start the lobbies for over an hour.

I got lucky and got in one with 14 mins to go, set a timer on my phone for 12 mins and went and did other things, thats all I do for any of them, get in a lobby, set a timer, go do something else, watch TV then come back and ready to race :slight_smile:

I can’t even express my true anger at this lobby situation. I searched for and after 10 minutes or so found a lobby with 25 minutes remaining for the ongoing race. Decided to wait it out. Wait wait wait, the the race ended. lobby times closing in and then, without cause or notification I get sent right to the dashboard. Then I scramble to start the game back up and attempt to rejoin the lobby I patiently waited for to find that the race had already started. I’m not really much of a quitter when I feel determined so I try again to find a short wait lobby. After about 30 times of joining and backing out I get another lobby which only has 14 minutes left, great, I’ll wait, no problem. Wrong, right before the race was to start, kicked to the dashboard. Then I thought maybe something was wrong with my internet but that’s not the case, I got right into a beginner S lobby and started up with no problem. I also noticed a few flaws with this challenge. It says 2.4 hours which if I’m not mistaken is 2 hours and 24 minutes, not 2hours and 40 minutes like the race timer says. Also, the lobby race description is the same as the Indy 500 race. I have every achievement and challenge done for Forza 5 until this one. It’s kinda maddening to think of having spent $70 for this game, $50 for the car pass, over 400 hours of in game race time just to deal with poorly executed content like this.

First try was a 30 min wait, looked like a good clean start 16 racers (8 & 8) with 6 of us in R class at the 42 mile mark. But it was wicked jaggy so I had to quit out just to keep from getting too many siezures. I’ll call the ISP, this happened at Indy500, they reset me and it came back smooth the rest of the weekend.

I’ll be ready for the drop-to-menu at race start, though. I’ve had that happen a few times in earlier endurance races. Glad I haven’t had a drop-to-DNF mid-race, but when it happens I’ll be ready with an “oh well” and go ride a bike or something.

Is it the lobby that says 2.4 Hour D’Endurance under Multi-Player? The one that actually has the description of the Indy race and not the Le Mans race? I tried all night long to get in there and never even got in at all. Wasn’t even sure if I was in the right place.

its the one on the left as soon as multiplayer comes up with the beginner races on the same page.

Had no luck with it either might try again later today and on Sunday. If I don’t get lucky its no biggie since I did the previous two online endurance races and the event for the Ring is only a couple weeks from now. Hope they fix the hoppers for the next game. New people should only be added to a endurance race if there are 15 minutes or less to go in a race.

5 of us tried in turns to get into a lobby wich had the lowest start time when we found one with intermission we dragged the others in via party chat options managed to do this twice with only 1 player dropping out. Looking forward to the ring though too.

Every one I join has 1+ hours left before the current race ends. Is there any way to search for lobbies that haven’t started yet, or do I just have to pick one and wait?

You have to keep backing out and rescan for a lobbies till you find one will a low time you can tolerate waiting for. Once you find one be prepared to race in R or P class cause the lobby will decide what class you will race in once the current race has ended.

They should have thought about this when they released the 2.4 hour duration , sort it out.

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