2.4 Hours of the Ring: Trouble finding match

Anyone else finding it impossible to join a match? Keeps giving me the same message saying failed to find match, or it says waiting for match for about 10 mins. I have solid internet so maybe its a server issue.


Have you tried restting your router and Xbox, if you have a poor internet connection it will do this. I’ve had that trouble before and that seemedto take care of it.

Also the lobbies maybe full since it just went up not long ago.

I have been having the same problem.

I have been waiting for a match to joking for 30 minutes and yet to be placed in one. I have restarted my internet and xbox one but seems to not work at all. What is going on??

There has got to be a better way to get these races going, Forza! This is an abysmal experience trying to find a game.

Annnnnnnnd they did it again. 2+ hour wait times. Didn’t listen to all the complaints from the Le Mans hopper. Bravo Turn 10…Bravo.

In the Le Mans hopper I had a couple hour waits but I found one with 17 mins Indy, Long Beach, and Catalunya same way.

I didn’t. The entire friggin weekend! Dumbest design for a hopper ever. Period.

They create a custom “mode” or “type” just for these events but yet they cant add an extra setting that makes it so you cant join lobbies that are already running!? Every lobby Ive entered is only like 30-60 minutes in. I’m not waiting hours to find a match just for a badge and title.

As I type this I’m waiting in a lobby that thankfully only has <14 minutes remaining.