2.4 hour endurance disapeared...?

the achievement still says it has over a day left…
yet I cannot find the hopper anylonger…
Is it because of all the kicks to dashboard that they halted it for a bit…?
I really wanted the achievement but had to work for the last few days

Its expired. Not sure why it is telling you it still has a day. Are you sure you are looking at the right thing?

yup I am looking at the correct thing weird…

And why didn’t you notice the topic with 5 pages of replies already for the Challenge and decided to open a new topic?

The Challenge started for me on Friday 7PM local time and it said: 4 days remaining. That means it ended yesterday 7PM local which is now 14 hours ago.

Are you sure your not looking at the 2.4 Hours of Nurburgring Hopper badge which starts later this week? I was confused by this too, just looking at the 2.4 logo, until I finally actually read it. lol