1995 911 GT2 Help

I was tuning up this car for a handling based circuit. I’ve got the wide body kit, race springs, the rear aero. The problem is that the car keeps clipping into the ground like those glitchy Moslers and 599XX from Horizon 4. It pretty much destroys my lap time as the tires on the outside clip in every turn and it just goes veering off track.

Anybody know how to fix this while keeping the cars upgrades? Its pretty light and powerful with great lateral Gs.

Have you tuned the car? You could stiffen the roll bars and springs a little and raise the ride height. Not ideal, but better than the car becoming a sled in the corners.

In FH4 lifting the back of the car and/or stiffening the springs would stop it from happening, like already suggested. Front aero may balance it out if you don’t already have it, as well as reducing the rear aero force.

Going back to Horizon 3 I’ve always tried to have my ride height at least 5.0. This seems to be the height needed to clear curbs while under load. At 4.0 you can get away with avoiding urban areas, but 5.0 is safe everywhere (except water).

The body kit is low, it bottoms out on turning and the rear glitches into the ground. I have my ride height set to 11cm which is almost near the max.

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I don’t remember having any of these issues when I made one for drifting. Even with the car “slammed” to the ground, I just zero balanced the car’s suspension out and was good. Even if the rear wheels hit the curbs while drifting, the suspension just soaked up the curb and it kept going instead of spinning out or the rear “popping” up into the air. I will have to test this with the newer stuff for FH5.

I’m 80% sure I fixed the problem. My share code is 129 218 155. If it works I’ll just post the open tune here and explain what I did.

You could try rally springs, the allow more ride height, but you can still crank the spring rate.