1992 Ford Escort Forza Edition

It gives a bonus of 5000 xp at night. You can’t make any tracks on freeplay night. So is there like one race in the game somewhere that this car can be used? This game keeps me scratching my head in disbelief.

You can make tracks night time though… You go to freeplay and in the setup screen under “rules” you can choose the lap amount, max drivatars, game type, track scenario, and car division. The Track Scenario is what you change, it defaults to “Day” but you can change it to “Night” and “Rain” if the track supports those.

You can’t change any to night. That’s what I’m saying.

Never mind figured it out. Not very intuitive the way it’s set up. Thanks though.

Yes, you can, not every track has night racing. but a few of them do. Sebring comes to mind. The ring is another. Just change it in the settings for free play for the tracks that have it enabled

you can do night at
circuit of the Americas
le mans
circuit de spa francorchamps
yas marina

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