1990 mercury #15 whistler radar info?

hello everyone i was just wondering if anyone knows any info about the 1990 mercury #15 whistler radar cougar xr-7 racing history. ive been googling the car for a while and keeping getting mixed info. if someone knows about the car and can give someone has some information it would be great . side note it makes a wonderful oval track car.


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Thank you sir. i didnt even think to look on fm.net awesome.

That class and era of those cars were just so cool IMO I also loved Trans Am series cars of that era too. The SCCA RaceTruck’s were a really neat but, short lived series. Jeep Comanches, Nissan Pickups, Dodges etc.

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well if you are interested me and some friends race the mercury and the mazdas and few other cars. if you would like to join us.