1988 Monte Carlo Super Sport Forza Edition not giving tier points

I have the 1988 Monte Carlo Super Sport Forza Edition in my garage with +0 tier points. When you look at it in the Collections tab it shows it should be +999 points. I can’t repurchase because it says I already have it. So how do get my missing tier points?

Well now I’m pissed. I removed the car to see if I could fix the problem. Since it shows the car is $0 I figured I could repurchase it seeing as I’ve “unlocked” it already. As expected, the car didn’t have the +999 tier points associated with it because I didn’t lose any tier points. Alright, that answers that question - the car was definitely not giving me my tier points. Cool, let’s go buy it again and get my points.

Guess what? I’m locked out of buying the car! A car I previously unlocked is now locked again behind this crate system! I hate this scheme so much.

Turn10, I’d appreciate it if you sent me the car with the working tier points.

Are you sure it hasn’t already been added?

You won’t always see the car collection tier progress prompt; only when your reach a percentage within the level wheel (quarter, half, 3 quarters, etc.)

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The car shows +0 points in my garage. It shows +999 points in the Car Collection tab. Do you have the same car?

i actuly have the same problem, find it realy confusing, got in the game, did the vip boxes, started the championship with the super sport horizon edition and after that the car suddently was in my garage, +0 legendary and no horizon edition bonus things on it.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet picture shows the car in my garage

i didn`t even know this car had any bonuses, for me it looks the same as in your photo.

I saw in another thread that the car is a donk car
It has no bonuses and 0 value in collecting as well