1982 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3... One car seven tunes

I have just shared seven tunes for the 1982 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3.

I have not had much playtime so I decided to tinker with one Porsche for now. I selected this car because Johniwanna owns one and I wonder what PI and class he would run if he built up his car for the game.

I opted to go with A Class and built a multitude of tunes. From a bullet tune right up to the car’s max grip allowed. I ran them in multiplayer hoppers today selecting the tune by how much grip I think I need for each track. First race out would have been a win but, a wrecker took me out on the last lap. The tunes were very competitive in A class multiplayer hopper.

Check em out and leave me feedback as to how you get on with them. Thanks for looking.

Forgot to mention the tunes parts are similar with the exception of the bullet ones so once one’s parts are bought it’s a couple dollars to acquire the rest of the tunes.

Took on A Class lobby today with only these tunes. Was able to win or place mostly. Finished lowest top 5 when not in a wreckfest. Not bad for a non leaderboard one car challenge.

I really like this Porsche.

The 82 911 has been my favorite so far. I’ve never had a big bunch of success tuning Porsches or Rufs. About the best I can get from one is mediocre. I had better luck with the Cayman in FM4 than I’m having in 6. I’m sure I’m missing something simple and I’ll get it figured out eventually. I’ve just always liked the 911’s, they are like AC/DC, been around for years, havent changed a thing but people still like them.

I hear ya. I have liked the Porsches and Rufs in previous Forzas and have had some ok or decent tunes. I think these do well when ran on a track they are suited for or the grip level that fits your skill. I didn’t tamper with a whole lot on these tuning wise but build wise I did. I do think I could have used a tad more downforce on a couple for more corner exit stability. Interested in your feedback if you check em out Jay.


Shameless plug for HLR PRKID

Check out his Lapizta design for this car is awesome!