1980 Subaru Brat DL Gear Ratio //need help!\\

im in need of the gear ratios for the 4 speed manual gear ratios for the 80’ Brat. I am unable to find them anywhere that i would know to look, so i was hoping that someone on here would know.


Put on the race transmission and go to the tuning menu. It will tell you what the stock gear ratios are.

If not, you can always call Subaru and ask them. Since I don’t know what’s closest to you, here are a few you could try:

Eastside Subaru, Kirkland WA: (888) 637-3381
Maita Subaru, Sacramento CA: (866) 309-6248
Goldstein Subaru, Albany NY: 518-869-1250
Subaru of Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL: (888) 783-0427
Autohaus Kronenberg, Dusseldorf, DEU: +49 211 283155

thanks for the tip, ill have to try that then, and if that doesnt work then ill call a place near by, hopefully they can help me if they dont find it to odd im looking for that info haha


Sorry for bringing back old topic.

Hopefully you got the ratios, if not these maybe what you looking for.

Gear Ratios: 1st 4.090 2nd 2.157 3rd 1.379 4th .971 Rev 4.100, Low Range 1.462
Usage: 1975-1980 Subaru Leone and 1978-1981 Subaru BRAT

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I have one of the if not the fastest a class brat… And some advice use manual with clutch and you’ll go .1-.3 faster on your times. Also use the storm transmission… Quicker shifts

There are drawbacks to the storm transmission however…

sometimes the rally and race trannies weigh the same and sometimes the storm island one weighs more. It may shift quicker - but if you’re using Manual w/ Clutch it’s not really a difference. It does offer quicker acceleration stats and it does deliver if you don’t tune it. Once you start tuning, the race and rally transmissions are almost always identical with the exception of weight.

If you need more of a top end, use the Race.
If it’s for off roading and races where you’ll never be going at that high of a speed, for me typically 140 or less, use the Rally.

I have the fastest a class drag record with a rally transmission for the Brat.

Drag Racing is not quite the same as actual off road racing. Whatever speed your car achieves on the drag strip is nice, but unless you have a mile long stretch of highway on the race event you’re doing, you will likely not come close to that speed in a race so it doesn’t matter.

I didn’t know there were drag leaderboards - how do you find them?

The top tuners in the game get together and we always meet and it’s not the topical random person tunes. We tune against one another and that’s why the market has such fast tunes for people to race with. I have the fastest out of all of them atm… We find the fastest cars in each class and tune them up.

People that join our lobbies see we have some really fast tunes and we know how to tune drag racers.

That’s pretty cool. Congratulations and good job on the tuning. You did not however answer my question regarding the leaderboards for drag racing. Do you simply use the speed camera? If not, where is the drag board and is it also separated by class?

And like I said, drag racing and circuit racing aren’t exactly the same thing and cars are built differently for each one.

In any case, we don’t know what OP intended as he has not replied in a while but he did want the car’s real world stock gear ratios so I doubt he’s racing seriously of any kind, drag or circuit.

Preston l18l - Please walk me through how you launch manual with clutch in showdowns/airstrip.

Apparently one thread on the matter isn’t enough or were you simply unsatisfied with my answer?

Hold down the clutch (though on some cars even this is not necessary) and hold down the throttle and wait for the game to start the race. When the race starts, the screen will flash, READY… SET… GO… and your car will take off. Once it takes off work the throttle to minimize wheelspin and be ready to shift into 2nd gear as needed. IF you are actually holding down the clutch when the word GO appears release it a split second after GO has appeared. If you release the clutch too early you may actually have it engage before the race has begun and your car will stall.

In a nutshell, I would launch my manual with clutch car in the game the exact same way I launch my manual with car in real life. It helps to know your car. Know where the clutch engages, know the ideal RPM to hold before releasing the clutch button, and know ho to work the throttle to avoid wasted wheelspin.