1976 Lotus. Why?

When I downgrade the Lotus to the R class from the P class. It will not let me race it in the R class why is it? I was wonder. The restrictions for R class racing is it has to be in R class. Just 'cause I downgraded a P Car to a R car shouldn’t mean that I cant race the car in a R class race​:cry::cry::cry:hope yall fix it was a player from forza n did u. c was till 1976 lotus n a few more if no change will never buy this game ever again or play it to.:broken_heart:

It won’t be fixed because it’s not a game breaking issue, or a glitch.


It may also be due to homologation. Even if it is in R-class, if it doesn’t meet the requirements for the Division you can’t use the car.

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Shouldn’t have anything to do with homologation, as the Formula 70s division doesn’t require going down to R class in the first place. And I just did an R class Free Play race in the car with no problem. Perhaps there’s a multiplayer R class hopper that’s the issue? In which case, isn’t the Lotus banned from multiplayer because it’s open wheel?


Ah, I didn’t think about the multiplayer part. If that’s the case, then yes, it’s because it’s open wheel.

Is this an open wheel car?

Open wheel cars are banned from online class racing. It’s performance is so good that it basically renders other cars useless in the class.

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If this is a reason for you never play FM again than be happy with other games. There’s much more issues in the game and some are maybe for some gamebraking. But I see no issue in this case


I must say I can’t understand why people would want, or find it fun, to race F1 cars against GT and beefed up road cars, but that’s just me.

Annoyingly, instead of fixing or adjusting the PI system, Turn 10 decided to just ban open wheel cars from class hoppers. It’s a cheap fix for me.

Too sweaty for R class. They weren’t allowed in Forza 6 either in the R hopper.

Sounds like it’s similar to this:

It was a pleasure